Understanding Your Hospital Charges

To assist you in understanding our standard hospital charges the most common hospital procedures are provided for you to review. (Click here) Included are charges for the ten most frequent DRG’s (grouping of diagnosis while in the hospital), for inpatients as well as the most common ambulatory (outpatient) surgical procedures, Radiology and Laboratory tests.

On review of this list, keep in mind that these charges are just examples. There are multiple different factors that affect what you as a patient actually pays. This is caused by health plans (like Medicare, Blue Cross, and Cigna) pay the hospital according to specific contracts. Insured in-network patients are usually only responsible for co-payments, coinsurance and/ deductibles according to the plan you have chosen.

If a patient receiving care at Eastern Long Island Hospital is “out of network” or uninsured he or she may be billed according to this list of charges. However, what the patient actually pays may be much lower because of our financial assistance policy.

For more detailed information or questions regarding charges contact:
Kate Reich
Director, Revenue Cycle